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SilverStar Polish Rabbitry

the new Rabbit Activity Book


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In April 2004, I released the Rabbit Activity Booklet Series. As I was thumbing through them recently, I realized, that while not bad work for my 13 years of age, those booklets were begging for improvement. While only moderately-well executed, the idea had a lot of potential. And here is that potential realized! We proudly introduce to you:

"RABBIT SMARTIES" The New and Improved Rabbit Activity Book!!!!!!!!

This is not another edition of booklets, but one giant book, containing about 70, 8.5 x 11" pages. I kept relatively few of the old activities for the new book. Rabbit Smarties has been completely re-done with mcuh more creative, instructive, and fun activities. Not only are the puzzles and games more ... intelligent, and more plentiful, but are hugely varied, expanded, and all pertain cleverly to rabbits. The old booklets are out, the new one is IN!

Much consideration was given to learning with fun (and just plain fun!) when selecting these activities out of nearly 200 created. RABBIT SMARTIES is just what 4H leaders are looking for!

Not only fun, it's funny! RABBIT SMARTIES is a blast just to flip thru, with great tidbits scattered everywhere, like "odd questions", "Lagomorph Laughs", "Hot Topics" and trivia.

All this is arranged in a decorative and attractive way, with pictures and drawings of bunnies.


-- Over 110 Multi-layered activities.

-- Complete Answers

-- Activities for all ages and levels

-- $10.00 USD each, including shipping.  Email for quantity discounts.

-- Spiral Bound

Activities include Word Searches, Crosswords, Word Scrambles and other word puzzles, and activites pertaining exactly to rabbits, like Breed ID, Quizzes, and "find that DQ!". Also Mazes, Jokes, and SO MUCH MORE!

Print out these sample activities and see how your 4H'ers love them, then place your order now! If you have any questions, please contact me at

Note that these activites are just a tiny sampling: several types of activities, puzzles, or games are not even represented!

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(Please note that the entire book of Rabbit Smarties is copyrighted and not reproducible, without written express permission from the author. We greatly thank all who have respected this in the past.)


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