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SilverStar Polish Rabbitry


I can't ever again...

...Say "polish" as in "nail polish", with a short O sound.  It always comes out Polish with a long o... POWITH!  :D
...Look at a DH and think "Holy Cow!  Lookit how big that rabbits eyes are!"  Instead its..."man those are nice thin eyebands, but a little feathered."
...Hear of someone conciously overpaying on something without thinking "I could buy a 4 hole 18x24 stack with that much $$$"
...Have a non-rabbit screen saver
...Tell you the dates of Fridays in a month.  However, on any given month i can rattle off all the dates of the Saturdays!
...Look at a picture and say "Oh how cute!"  Instead its  (if a crossbred)  "It looks like he's got some __(blank)__ in him."  or (if purebred) "i'd love to see him posed!"
...See someone's pet rabbit without taking it out and listing its faults and DQ's.
I will think of more later.  If  you have any to share please let me know!

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