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Rosebud Rabbitry

My silvers

I have a silver litter!!!!!!!!!!!Finally! after trying for 9 months i get a healthy litter...of TEN!!!! G238 had TEN on the 4th of July!!!  since, 4 have died, but the 6 left are thriving! i'm so excited!  There are 3 bucks,3 does.  Some of these will probably be for sale in the future.  I also have a silver waiting list, if you want to get on it e-mail me.  I bred 4S to G258 this week! Hopefully she took and I have more silver kits on the way!!!

I got my silvers on my birthday, November 2004, from Clem Steinhoff of Wisconsin.  I have blacks.  My original pair of silvers are registered out of all-registered stock.  I have just recently added a doe from Gerald Moulton.


This is Clem's G258 Xavier. (registered) He is a nice little buck, tho smalll.  He has won several BOB's and a few BOS.


This is Clem's G238 (Registered).  She is currently on a litter of 6 4-week-olds.  She has won several BOS's and a few BOB's



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This is Moulton's 4S.  She has huge broad shoulders, nice hindquarters but her midsection is really narrow.  She has VERY regular ticking!  it may be uneven a little, but it is extremely evenly uneven...rather confusing if you look at it hard, but it gives the impression of being very even.  She has an excellent coat.  Bred to G258, due in late august.


This is G238.  It makes her look faded but it also shows the silvering.